SOLVED: Smooth scroll does not seem to work in Safari

Bricks Version: 1.3.4
Browser: Safari 14.1.1
OS: macOS

I am creating a one page website (see url) but the smooth scrolling does not work in Safari. Is there a workaround or fix for this?

Hello @barthusz,

Bricks handles the smooth scrolling using the Element.scrollIntoView() method. Unfortunately, the smooth option is not supported by Safari (Element.scrollIntoView() - Web APIs | MDN).

A workaround to this could be to use a polyfill, like the one described here.

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Thank you so much @luistinygod ! I created a fix and now it’s working in Safari too :slight_smile:
Really appreciate your help.

Maybe you also know the solution for my other question? Background video does not autoplay in Chrome

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