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SOLVED: SendGrid lists not appearing in dropdown

bricks 1.3.6
Windows 11

Hey all,

I have created a SendGrid account, created some contact lists, and added the API into bricks which has now given me access to apply the fields, however, when I click on the list dropdown it does not show any?

Am I missing something/step or is this a bug?

Just a quick update, I noticed that in lower breakpoints under actions it gives the wrong message.

It should say something along the lines of “To access these settings please select the desktop breakpoint.”

Many thanks


Hi Michael,

can you please send us an email with your login credentials and a short explanation / a link to this thread? Thomas and Luis are more into Sendgrid than i am :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Hello @timmse

No worries bud, i will ping them an email :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards


This is solved.

For those who run into the same issue. If you have added the lists in SendGrid after adding the api to Bricks, then you need to resave the API again in Bricks.

Thanks @luistinygod

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