SOLVED: Problems with Post Content Data source Bricks


I have set via Theme Styles that links have a 2px padding-bottom >> - Nimbus Capture.
Unfortunately, this is also applied to buttons >> - Nimbus Capture.
How can I exclude the buttons from this rule? They are not supposed to have a padding-bottom of 2px.

In the Bricks-Builder it looks correct >> - Nimbus Capture

I gave the buttons styles and also set up the hover effect.
Unfortunately, something completely different happens live. I think a different CSS is taking effect.
What should happen can be checked via the two hero buttons (try hover) >>
What happens can be checked here >> ( - Nimbus Capture).

In the bricks builder the hover effect works as it should. Only live it does not fit.

I use a template and load the content via the Post Content element >> - Nimbus Capture.
As you can see on the image the display in the template is not correct at all. This is how it should look >> - Nimbus Capture

I think there is too much CSS loaded here and the styles are overwriting each other. How can I solve the problems?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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It looks like all these issues are related to this bug: CSS links styling is too invasive - #7 by yankiara

Please insist so that they fully understand the scale of the issue (@timmse, @thomas), which is critical to me.

I use this fix for now in includes\theme-styles\controls\links.php file:

  • comment out line 8 ('.brxe-post-content a')
  • add ā€˜p aā€™ to properly style text links inside paragraphs



Hi @stabilo, this issue should have been fixed in the latest 1.5 RC :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but the issue is also there.

Iā€™m using 1.5 and newest Versions of Chrome and Firefox.