SOLVED: Password Reset form returns error "An error occurred, please try again later."

Browser: Firefox v118
OS: macOS
URL: -
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I’ve created a custom password reset page. The lost password form works fine, the email is receivedd with the password reset link. When I open it, it leads to the correct page (the password reset page I’ve made). But The password reset form returns an error of “An error occured, please try again later.”

P.S: Tried disabling all plugins. Didn’t change anything.
P.S2: error_log file doesn’t contain anything related to it.

Hi @StripedGoat,

I can’t replicate this locally. Could you please share temporary admin access to with a link to this forum thread using the same email address you used to purchase Bricks so we can try diagnosing this?


It’s a bug in bricks\includes\integrations\form\init.php

From line 220 and below

Bricks try to see if inside the $valid_ids array there is $field_id that this $field_id has the value

$field_id = str_replace( 'form-field-', '', $key );

They get the form-field-key replace the form-field- string, put key inside $field_id and then try to see if ( ! in_array( $field_id, $valid_ids ) )

And because key is not inside the $valid_ids array that this array has the fields id name of the form fields, it throws the errors.

Oh yes, you’re right. I was just able to replicate the error. I have created an internal ticket to tackle this.

I have the same problem for both the lost password form and the reset password form.

I thought maybe there was a conflict with the WP Hide Login plugin.

Also it would be useful if there was a email and password field for a user’s auto complete purposes.

You can’t use the email field as it won’t let you set a username, and using a text field won’t give the user the auto complete option.

Do you have a temp fix for this while we’re waiting for an official one?

@ChrisBeattie Probably best to wait for the official release for this one. Should be included in the next release :slight_smile:


Perfect, I’ll hold on. Thanks!

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I almost got crazy about what could i be doing so wrong and reset password didn’t work! Can’t wait for it to be fixed in the next update!

I’m also patiently waiting.

Any update about this :slight_smile: ?

The new release is not out yet but it should be in the next one :eyes: unfortunately I can’t give any concrete ETAs though

Hi guys,
We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.9.3, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Changelog: Changelog – Bricks

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Best regards,


I’m still getting the error on the Lost Password form, which I was also having issues with. I haven’t been able to check the Reset Password form, as the reset link that gets sent doesn’t redirect to the correct page which is set in the Bricks settings.

Hi @ChrisBeattie,

I couldn’t replicate the issue you’ve described. And since it’s different from the report in this thread, can you please create a new forum post with more reproducible details about your setup (screenshots would be much appreciated :slight_smile: ).

Hi Charaf,

After the update, the password reset page no longer gives me any error and everything works fine. Thank you.

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