SOLVED: Pagination no longer working in Homepage

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: Turno smučanje -
Video: Short screen recording that illustrates this issue (free tool:

Basically the title. I didn’t change anything, suddenly my simple pagination doesn’t work anymore. (Turno smučanje - I have posts query loop and pagination for the same query. When I click on page two nothing happens. It worked before.

I have another pagination on my home page that changes the posts but the hover of current page doesn’t work anymore. (

I have another page made with Bricks where pagination doesn’t work anymore as well… (Vietnam – Pot v neznano). When I click on page 2 i just get " Whoops, that page is gone". It worked before…

Hey Anze,
As already mentioned here: WAIT: Pagination Stop Working v-1-9-1

Please enable “Is main query” and see if that fixes your issue.

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This fixed the problem on two of my archive pages. Thank you very much. I still have a problem on my home page that has a query loop of new posts:
What happens here is different. Page change works correctly but page 1 is always shown as being active. Therefore I can’t click on page 1 again. Any idea what could be causing this?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Page 1 always has the class ‘current’ assigned even when you’re on page 2, 3 etc.

Hey @Anze & @cran , can you please send access data, a link to this thread, and some info on where we can see the pagination problem to

@timmse I have sent you an e-mail with info.

Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Problem identified and recorded in the bug tracker.
We are working on it.

@cran , may I know your pagination also located on your website Home page?
If not, can you please also send a temp admin access to



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Thanks, @itchycode :+1:

Yes, it’s on my homepage as well.

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I also noticed that infinite scrolling stopped working with the latest version. Works fine in 1.8.6.

Hi guys,

We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.9.2 beta, now available as a manual download in your account (see changelog).

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

As with any beta release, please do not use it on any production/live website. It is only meant for testing in a local/staging environment.

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