SOLVED: No scroll (body) on off canvas misbehave

when using the “no scroll (body)” setting in the off canvas element, the body correctly don’t scroll.

When I close the off canvas menu, I would asume that the body could be scrolled again, but the page is locked in “no scroll mode”

is that a Bug or the feature intended with no scroll body?


@creatiwdk Thanks so much for reporting this bug. Will be fixed in the final 1.8 :slight_smile:

hello - would anyone point me out in the right direction to avoid the “content shift” (width of scrollbar) effect making the site shift when using offcanvas in bricks? thanks for the great work I really appreciate this builder :wink:

I remember dealing with the scrollbar jump using

margin-left: calc(100vw - 100%);

Been a while though and wasn’t with bricks so still gotta try with the bricks off canvas to see where it needs to be set. Hope it gives you a starting point, feel free to post back if u figure it out.

If you search for “css avoid scrollbar jump”, lots of threads should come up talking about this kinda issue.

At first glance, this seem to work :thinking:

html {
  overflow-x: hidden;
  margin-right: calc(-1 * (100vw - 100%));
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thanks a lot, that works > also thanks for the keywords, sometimes that what my french tongue misses :wink:

Thanks! that works too applied to the body class the offcanvas menu adds :wink: