SOLVED: Nestable Tabs: Content tab styles are not applied

Hey guys,

On version 1.7 (beta and stable) the styles applied to the content tab of the nestable tab element are not applied. I tried to remove the default border and the padding, but it’s not working.



Hi Maxime,
Thanks so much for your report!

I was able to reproduce the issue and added it to our bug tracker.

Please select the “Content” tab in the structure panel, go to the style tab, and then you can remove the padding and the border.

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@timmse thanks for your quick reply! I figured it out yesterday, but still think it was unintuitive :wink:


Yes, without a doubt.

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Same here. Styling of the most important tab settings works pretty well, IF you look into the content tab. While creating my first tabs, I styles everything with custom css, cause most of the settings in style-tab did not work.

After finishing design, I saw that there would have been native settings available :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
We’ve fixed this bug in Bricks 1.7.1, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

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Hey @timmse and everyone else,

I for one am still experiencing issues with this using Bricks 1.7.1. I created a tabs (nestable), went to the Content element in the Structure panel and tried changing padding and border in Styles. Nothing happened when changing padding, width of border or border style setting. But when changing border color I could change the color in the builder, but it wouldn’t display on the frontend. I could also change border radius, which would show up both in the builder and on the frontend.

Anyone else experiencing this issue / can reproduce it?

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Hi Robin,
You still have to remove the preset values from the content tab, otherwise, your styles on the “content” div won’t show.

Hey @timmse ,

Ah thanks, that works! Having just started trying out nestable tabs I didn’t realise what was connected and how. From an UX point of view it would be nice if both where connected so a change in one place would be reflected in the other. But now I know how it works at least, thanks!

I’m on 1.7.3 and have a grey line around my tabs content that I can’t remove without custom css. Is this issue really solved?

Hi Jon,
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You can reset the default border in the content tab.

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I am still having issues with this. Only my fist tab seems styled. I created a new post before I found this, links in that. I have followed all the instructions here. still no joy.

Thanks, I found a solution, enfamil neuropro vs enfamil infant.

Hi Mick,
Can you please show and explain your settings in a short screencast and share a link so I can inspect the code?

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Hey Timmse, I found my issue. No bug, I just didn’t grasp the nestable setup right away. Thanks for reaching out.

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