SOLVED: Mini Cart page speed

Hi there,

When I add the mini cart the Google page speed drops from 94-95 down to 87 is there anyway to fix this?


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I assume this is due to cart fragments, which is a doozy of an asset to load on any WP site. If you want to keep it, use an optimisation plugin to delay cart fragments.


I have asked Same issue
Wait until @thomas tell us about it

Hello @JakWalker

Thank you for reporting this.

Do you have a site URL example we could check?

Thank you

Hi i don’t know this help or not, but i had same problem on one of my clients site

There is another issue i like to ask, i have gathered some bugs and styling problems about woocommerce especially cart page, i hope they will be updated in bricks 1.5

Hello @Mehdimoradi

Check this /?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments | . Maybe it is worth testing your website on a different hosting provider.

Is this in the forum or via email?