SOLVED: Max-width entity setting for container on desktop are not saved

Bricks Version: 1.3.7

The entity for max-width does not remember the settings like (px, em, %) for desktop seetings.
Entity settings for smaller devices are stored.

Watch the loom video:

Hey @joachim.auster,

Have you tried putting “880px” in the field as mentioned in this post WIP: Image max-width can’t be change to PX

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Hi Joachim,

thanks for your report. We are aware of the issue because it has already been reported multiple times (1|2). Thanks for the tip @kieran :love_you_gesture:

The only non-selectable unit is px, other units work as usual. A simple workaround, for now, is to enter the value together with the unit, e.g. 200px, and hit enter.

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