SOLVED: Links Styles created on theme styles are more specific that my global class after Disable Chained Global classes

I’ve got what may be it is a bug.
The base style of links set on Theme Styles is more specific than my global class to change its style on hover.

Example: I have a class named nolinkstyle that removed

the underline that I gave to the links in Theme styles when you hover them. But now, with Disable Chained Global clasess active, the base style of the links its more specific and I can’t do nothing to remove the underline.
I attach image for better understunding

Hi Rafa,
Welcome to the forum, and thanks so much for your report!

Yeah, I can reproduce the issue. The class chaining had advantages here and there :sweat_smile:
There will certainly be specificity problems in some other places, but they should be easy to solve with the :where selector.

We’ll take a look at it!

Best regards,


Thanks timmse. Of course. This is a jorney.

Hi Rafa,
We’ve fixed this bug in Bricks 1.7.1, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Best regards,

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It seems to work nicely. I’ll keep you inform if I notice something wrong.
Thank you timmse.