SOLVED: Is there a way to add AlpineJS directive attributes?

I’m just trying to find a way to add AlpineJS directives to elements. I’ve tried adding them as regular attributes but Bricks strips out the colon.

I really want to be able to add things like this :

<button x-on:click="open = ! open">Toggle</button>

<div x-show="open"> ... </div>

I would be super useful for creating your own accessible components.

Has anyone tried and/or succeeded implementing Alpine?

Hi Brian,

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Which version of Bricks are you using?

Thanks Sridhar! I’m using 1.5 beta.

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Let me give a help.
Bricks will use WordPress sanitize_title to clean the custom attribute keys before rendering.

You could use sanitize_title filter to put possible alpine attributes into exclude list.


add_filter( 'sanitize_title', 'do_not_sanitize_alpine_attr', 10, 3);

function do_not_sanitize_alpine_attr($title, $raw_title, $context ) {

  // List out all possible attributes you may put on the custom attributes

  $alpine_attributes = ['x-on', 'x-data', 'x-show'];

  // Use PHP array_filter to check if the current sanitizing $raw_text is one of $alpine_attributes  

  $match = array_filter( $alpine_attributes, function( $value ) use ( $raw_title ) {

    return (strpos($raw_title, $value) !== false) ;

  } );

  // If array_filter result is not empty, then do not filter it. Return the original $raw_title

  if( !empty($match) ) {

    return $raw_title;


  return $title;


You should put in more conditions like only if current page is homepage etc., to avoid your logic accidently allowed unwanted string being escape in other places.

Good luck.


Thanks so much Jenn, it works like a charm. You made my day! :grinning:

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