SOLVED: IonIcons Bug? download failed

Hey Guys, i don’t if this is a bug. But i have on differents websites.

Can someone help and tell what this is?




I think it would help to say which build are you on? Also do you have any AV installed like Wordfence or do you use a control panel for your hosting such as Runcloud, Gridpane, Cloudways etc with firewall. Or firewall rules on cloudflare?

Have you made any changes to the WP installation files / permalinks / plugins added recently?

Hey Michael,

you can have a look:

Do you see the same Errors?

Browser: Firefox
Bricks: 1.3.6
Plugins: complianz, ninja firewall, wp fastet cache, chaty
local fonts just roboto

Hello Andre,

No loading fine for me no issues in the dev tools (FF and Chrome).

Very clean site btw :clap: :+1:

Thank you, is it possible because off i’m logged in in wordpress?

Quite possibly, I did run dev tools again disabling cache to see if i had a cache version but I got the same clean result.

Is it still showing for you? if so I would first start by removing all 3rd party plugins and see if the issue clear cache and then see if the issue is still there. If it is then you know it has nothing to do with plugins and i would send a message with access details to the team at for them to investigate.

If the issue goes when all plugins are disabled then there is a conflict with one of your plugins. Activate them all again and then deactivate one at a time to find the one causing the issue.

If it is a plugin conflict i would hazard a guess at it being Ninja firewall.


Hi Michael,

i just almsost finshed a new Website. the basis is the “digital template from the bricks templates”.

I have here the same issue with these ionicons. You can see it in the inspector as well in page speed. I don’t know why the mobile score is so baaaaad.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

So the slow speed at mobile in page speed is the real cookie banner. When i turn it off the score goes up (testet on two sites).

@timmse are there some settings to make it better?



Hi Andre,

in general, every consent plugin has an impact on page speed. Here is a very detailed article on the subject (not specifically related to Real Cookie Banner and in German, but that should not be a problem for you ;): Cookie Consent vs. PageSpeed Optimierung » straightvisions GmbH

The current version of Real Cookie Banner is now “optimized for mobile”, which probably refers more to the responsive behavior of the cookie box - whether this also has an impact on pagespeed I can’t say (because I haven’t tested it yet).

You can contact the support of Devowl, maybe they have some tips at hand? It would be cool if you share the tips here if they work.

Best regards,

Hey Timmse,

thank u for the link. Oh man, why it’s so difficult to get good speed with a cookie banner…

So the speed is not better with the last update…

I already send a email to devowl. If i get the answer i write it here.


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The ionicons download fail was a fault of a firefox extention ( ClearURLs (deaktiviert)

Entfernt Tracking-Elemente von URLs.)… :see_no_evil:

Sorry it took me so long to look into… but the main thing is: problem solved :partying_face:

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