SOLVED IN 1.4: Theme Styles > General > Site Layout options show Boxed fields on lower breakpoints even when Wide is set on desktop breakpoint

Bricks Version: 1.3.7
Browser: Safari 15.4
OS: macOS 12.3

I’m fairly certain this is a bug (as minor as it is) and figured I’d help report it.

When I load up the Bricks editor and go to Theme Styles > General > Site Layout set to Wide and on the desktop breakpoint, the moment I go to any smaller breakpoint the options expand as if I had selected Boxed instead. If I go to the same area and set Boxed instead of Wide on desktop breakpoint and then go smaller breakpoints it all stays stationary.

I presume the menu options for Boxed should not be shown when set to Wide.

How it looks (as expected) on desktop breakpoint:


How it looks on lower breakpoints:

Notice the options like “Boxed Max. Width” and “Content Box Shadow”, etc are only present under Boxed Site Layout, but still appear even under Wide when on lower breakpoints.

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Hey Dustin,
Thanks so much for your report!

It looks like the problem is fixed in 1.4RC. Can you please check it briefly and let me know if it works for you?

Best regards,

No, this issue is still present on 1.4 RC2. :frowning:

Hey Dustin,
Thanks for getting back!

Confirmed and added to the bugtracker.