SOLVED IN 1.4: JetEngine compatibility

Hi, I have created an options page with JetEngine with some custom fields and I can’t get the values as dynamic data.

For example, one of the custom fields is a link that I want to assign to a Bricks button, however, bricks indicates that it cannot find dynamic data.

If I try to use an external link and select dynamic data, no JetEngine field appears in the list, however it does recognize the custom field from another plugin.


Is it a Bricks compatibility issue with JetEngine? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much and greetings.

Hey Dani,

Crocoblock plugins are built for Elementor, they are not built universally for all builders. I think they do have 4 of their plugins that support Gutenberg.

You can see this in their FAQs at the bottom of the pricing page. Metabox & ACF are fully integrated into Bricks.

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Ok, I understand, I thought that the CPT or custom fields would recognize them. I will look at the alternatives, thank you very much.

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JetEngine works with Gutenberg so it’s a matter of making it compatible. The raw meta keys should be accessible(?) but they also have custom tables etc.

Hi, getting back to this topic …

I’m testing how far Bricks compatibility goes with JetEngine. Bricks recognizes CPT created with JetEngine to create the template. This is perfect.

I understand that JetEngine modules built for Elementor and Gutenberg are not available for Bricks.

But I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognize custom fields to use as dynamic data.
This data is normally stored in the postmeta table. Why can’t Bricks access them?

This would be very important to me. I have many projects structured with JetEngine and I would only need to be able to access the custom fields.

Thank you for your attention.


Yeah, I totally agree with you, it should be able to read all custom fields.

Jet engine can works without Elementor or Gutenberg. Jet engine works good in Oxygen for exemple. It is important that the bricks see all the fields in WordPress.

If the bricks began to see the jet engine fields, this would optimize the site, since for full-fledged work with custom posts you need to add ACF and a plugin for creating custom posts, and the jet engine can do all this alone. Fewer plugins, less third-party code (especially when you use plugins from different developers) is why you should think about supporting any custom fields since it will allow many to switch from other builders and also allow you to optimize dynamic sites on bricks

and what does this screenshot tell us? That the bricks can be compatible with the engine, you just need to slightly adjust the field visibility settings in the word press and everything will turn out as I say

Exactly, we cannot demand JetEngine modules (that has to be developed by Crocoblock), but I need to get dynamic data from JetEngine with Bricks. This data is stored in the WordPress database.

Old topic, and over a year later, did you ever jet engine up and running? Jet engine compatibility (which I really hope for and want) is what has kept me from diving all the way into bricks.

@jeduhu JetEngine compatibility came in 1.4. Bricks Builder and JetEngine WordPress Plugin Is Now Integrated - Crocoblock