SOLVED IN 1.4: Extra blank space on top of admin bar from mobile view

Bricks Version: 1.4 RC2
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
URL: (a link to a page that illustrates the issue would be really helpful)

I noticed that on most of my websites built with Bricks 1.4 RC2 (even in the Try Bricks website), when logged in, I have a lot of blank space above the Admin bar. This is caused by few lines of CSS added to the HTML element. I’ll show you a screenshot

As you can see the admin bar is also hiding some of the upper part of the site. I noticed that the white space is caused by these few lines of CSS


Note that even by removing those styles, there is still the problem in which the admin bar is hiding some of the upper part of the website.

Hi Giovanni,
Thanks a lot for your report, but Chris was faster :rocket:

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Sorry, didn’t notice Chris’s report :grin: