SOLVED IN 1.4: Copying container styles

Currently, when you right click on a container that has an element in it, the element is automatically selected you are unable to copy the styles of the container, even if the container is selected in the structure panel before right clicking.

It appears the only way to copy container styles is to either duplicate the container or save it as a class to then apply the class to another container, neither are ideal.

Would it be possible to either not switch to the element when right clicking or even set up right click in the structure panel to be able to copy/paste styles?

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Hi Josh,

when you hover over your container section, take a look at the bottom left corner. There will be an orange “pencil” and a “plus” icon. When you click on the pencil, the container gets automatically selected - even when you just hover over the icon, you are able to copy the whole container or the styles.

Take a look at this short video. I intentionally chose the slider element because it fills the whole container by default.

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Hey Stefan,

Thanks for the answer, didn’t realize right-clicking on the icon would maintain focus, albeit this is not apparent at first glance and almost feels like a weird quirk.

If it could find its way into a future release, the same right-click in the structure panel would be a great addition (but I’m sure that would also add another layer of backend complexity).

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New user here. I also encountered this.

I don’t want to create a new topic and the title fits to my reuqest.

I just realised that the class layout system is quite new since the beginning of November and i think it is a great USP.
Speaking of copying styles I think it should be default to copy the attached classes, too.
Without the class(es) it could happen that the styles copied only partly or not at all.

Hi flex,
we will enable copying classes when copying styles in one of the next Bricks versions :v:

Best regards,

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