SOLVED: Image URL php dynamic data not working

Bricks Version: 1.4 (beta)
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.


When trying to use the image URL from a dynamic PHP function it’s not working, there is an option to enter an external URL but no option to load dynamic data. the video link is working btw. but not the image.


Hello @ajithrn,

Welcome to the Bricks forum and thank you for your post.

I’ve created an internal task to study and, if possible, adjust the UI to accommodate the new “Output PHP function” dynamic data tag.

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Thank you @luistinygod for the update.
I see this similar issue in different places on the builder. mostly where there is no additional input/content area to enter the code. featured image. link etc… since it’s a new feature the UI need some adjustments. Also, if you need any additional info or where this issue is occurring just let me know, happy to help.

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Any update on this issue / work around? Right now I cannot output in most of the elements - button, image gallery, carousel, etc as there is no space to enter the function name! Makes the functionality near useless. It worked fine with heading element as there is space to enter the function name.

Hey guys, the issue is still on the list, but we’ll tackle it as soon as possible :v:

I just found out about this while using Carousel element. Version 1.5 is to be released any minute now, but I didn’t see this bug mentioned in changelog. It’s been 1 month since last reply from @timmse so I would love to know if you guys have an ETA on this bug?

Hey Mateusz,
the task is unfortunately still on the list. As soon as this issue is resolved we will mark the post here as SOLVED accordingly - when that will be I can’t tell you yet.

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Hello @omega , @Matiasko @ajithrn

Please check out Bricks 1.5 RC (or RC2, released today :rocket:) where we’ve included a fix for this.

If the fix isn’t working as expected, please let me know here.

Thank you!

Yup, already used it with ACF Photo Gallery and mentioned it in other thread Support ACF Photo Gallery - #11 by Matiasko

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