SOLVED: How to Setup Form Redirection Dynamic Data Same Page


I am trying to set up the form’s redirection to go to the same page upon login.

I have set Action with User Login and Redirect. In the Redirection option, I selected Dynamic Data and added the following:


Unfortunately, it does not work. Even though I have tested the dynamic function by adding it to a text type field and it works then.

Any input here is appreciated.


Hey Stefano,

thanks for getting in touch.

I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to achieve. Can you tell me on what page you’re using the form and to what page you want to redirect after submission? Or do you just want to reload the page you’re currently on?



Hey @aslotta .
THanks for replying, and sorry for not being clear enough.

I have the login form on a popup, and the idea is to create the redirection to the same page. Or basically, just reload the page, so that the page shows the logged in features.

Anyway, hope it is clear now.

Hey Stefano,

no problem. Got it now. :nerd_face:

Please try {post_url} for your redirect action (see demo).

Let me know if it works.



Awesome. That was much simpler than I thought :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @aslotta