SOLVED: How to download 1.5 (beta)

I did search the forum before posting. But, my downloads section only includes 1.4. I’d love to try out the new beta.

Thank you,



Link for anyone who is too lazy to go through these steps:

@thomas could you pin an info about this (and future) beta releases somewhere in the forum? For example, last article in #announcements is for 1.3.7 release.


@gmartin777 Sorry about that. I’ve added a little banner to the forum to make this information a bit more accessible.

The changelog is always the best place the check for any updates, though: Changelog – Bricks

@Matiasko The 1.4 release I totally forgot to add to the #announcements. The “Announcements” topic in the forum feels a bit redundant to me, though. As the official changelog contains all releases already (in detail).


Sure, I totally get you and thanks for adding the banner as it should help some folks who don’t read changelog in much detail.

Just one question: Am I getting punished with no contrast on the bar for using dark theme? :sweat_smile:

Uh oh. Just fixed the top bar color.