SOLVED: How to add a CPT with its own Categories

Hey guys,

It sounds simple enough, but for some reason, when I try to do it, my brain farts!

Using Metabox

I am creating a FAQ post type which is called services

I would then like to list the services, i.e. electrician, plumbing etc., as the category. And then add FAQs under each of the services, i.e. how to wire a plug would be under the category electrician.

I thought using a taxonomy would do the trick, but that does not work. Also, if I add categories support under the Services CPT that uses the post categories too. I just want to create categories for the CPT not shared with the posts post type.

I hope that makes sense?


If I understood correctly, you need to have a CPT of ‘services’ and custom taxonomy of something like ‘service type’ that will be attached to this CPT. I don’t use Metabox, but with CPT UI plugin there is a setting to attach a custom taxonomy to custom post type.

Hey Mateusz,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you’re right. As mentioned in my original post my brain wanted to play games with me :rofl:. I needed to make the taxonomy hierarchical and also visible on the edit page :man_facepalming:

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Just in case, here’s a video dude

Title: How to Properly Add & Query Service Pages With Bricks (CPT + Query Loop)