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SOLVED: How to add a button in tabs content field


How can I add a button in the content field of tabs? Please check mockup for what I mean


I use the Section template for tab content. Create a Section template with the desired content and then just past the short-code of that template into tab content. Hope that makes sense for you.

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Thank you. It works :muscle:.

Hi Anushka,

currently it is not possible to insert any other element directly in the accordion content, but this is already on the idea board and will find it’s way into bricks in the near future.

But of course there are workarounds.

  1. Create your button as a template and insert it via shortcode (as @tole011 already mentioned)
  2. Create your Button outside of the accordion, style it, save, go to frontend right click » inspect element, copy the complete button code and paste it into your accordions content at the “text” tab.

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Thank you. I used tole11 idea and it works :+1: