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SOLVED: Feature: set negative value ex.: (-10px) margin / paddings, etc

There’s many times a need to set a negative values for margins / paddings etc.
Would be nice to implement it in the input by keyboard@keypress or the arrow Up|Down in the input or at least (maybe enough) to let user write ‘-’ (minus sign) as first value in the input.

For now You can’t write ‘-’ (minus sign) at first keypress but You can do this
→ write 20 → move cursor before value and input ‘-’. This way this works :slight_smile:

Best regards,
and thanks for all the incredible stuff that already are in Bricks :slight_smile:

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Hi Jakub,

adding a minus before the value and using the arrow keys (or shift + arrow key to in- or decrement by 10) is working fine for me. Please see my video here.

Best regards,

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I’m on a Mac and unlucky it doesn’t work as for You.

  1. When input is empty and use Shift+ArrowDown doesn’t happen anything, works only for Shift+ArrowUp and increment value by 10.
  2. When write -5 and use the same combination then the value change into 5

Let me check that quickly on my mac.
As you can see it’s working fine for me.

I believe there had been some issues with that in prior versions up to 1.3.3 I guess… but since 1.3.4 they should be gone.

Which version are you running?

No problems on Mac + Win since 1.3.4 with decreasing margin value via keyboard or direct input.