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SOLVED: Excerpt isn't automatically show in SEO Meta Description

It seems mad that the post’s Excerpt isn’t automatically shown in the SEO Meta Description, as everything else in Bricks is so well considered.

By default it appears that all pages using a particular template have a blank Meta Description

I tried this out in 1.3.5 - Great to see that we can now call Dynamic Data within the SEO Meta description, so I’ve used {post_excerpt]. Sounds good …

There’s only one issue - The Description of the post on the front end literally reads {post_excerpt] - not the contents of the Excerpt! Rapid bug fix please @thomas :slight_smile:

(Notes: I changed the name of this post to reflect the new findings)

Hello @flimflam

This issue will be fixed with Bricks 1.3.6.

Thank you for letting us know about it.

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Pleased to report that it’s now working well in 1.3.6

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