SOLVED: Editor direction: LTR or RTL

for RTL languages it would be a nice feature to implement in bricks settings, so we’re able to set the LTR or RTL direction of the brick’s editor screen
it will be a good way to solve RTL issues too! when i install bricks, it will be RTL by default because my wordpress is RTL, but we don’t have any problem to work with bricks when its LTR!

please see the images:





yeah this is critical and needs attention.


I think it’s nice to have the ability to work with Bricks editor in LTR default layout (default bricks editor layout). At the moment we are only able to choose the editor’s language. I personally prefer to have everything on backend in English (also builder panle’s layout).

Hey @Mehdimoradi
Is there a way to set the bricks in English only! I’m suffering with RTL backend!
I want to load bricks only in LTR/English?

I’ve opened a topic about this if possible to help:

Please advice!

@Sridhar @thomas
Can you please look into this? It’s critical for RTL language sites!

You can make the default language to English but If ur WordPress is in Arabic it runs the bricks in RTL too
Thats why i asked them to make it happens

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Yes, the default website is in Arabic/RTL! spent hours on how to make Bricks LTR.
I’m pretty sure a function code will load the LTR CSS only!

Hope for help soon.

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@Kareem Can you send me a message with a temporary login link for the site so I can take a look?

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Sent you PM for what asked for :slight_smile:

Solved by

body {
direction: ltr;


add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', function() {
	if ( bricks_is_builder() && is_rtl() ) {
		wp_dequeue_style( 'bricks-builder-rtl' );

		wp_dequeue_style( 'bricks-frontend-rtl' );
}, 12 );

:heart_eyes: Thank you so much
Is it possible to add this option in future updates too?

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Thanks mate, I hope Bricks implement this as a button in Bricks’s settings.

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I tested and faced some issues,

  1. I wasn’t sure exactly where to put those code,
    So I tried to put them in Bricks settings custom code, in this scenario the front end layout changed to LTR which we don’t want that ( CSS code).

  2. I tested to run those codes only in admin area and didn’t work, so I used WPcodebox to make them conditional to just run on page that contains “/bricks=run?”, So in this scenario the editor changes to LTR and the front end is still RTL which is ideal. However, using this make pages in editor LTR again which again is not what we want. I’ll try to find and add another css code to add RTL layout again in editor only for the canvas not for panels.

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I solved the LTR layout in editor page by adding more CSS code, so now in editor mode, we have completely LTR panels structure and also have RTL layout for the main editor (iframe).

body {
direction: ltr;

#brx-header ,#brx-content, #brx-footer
direction: rtl;

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We are going to provide a builder language direction setting (auto/ltr/rtl) in 1.5 RC this week:


Thank you, great to hear that :heart_eyes:


Thanks Thomas, I’m sure you’ll do it in a great way to accomplish all required implementations like needs for mixing of RTL and LTR layout in the buider. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Thank you all :heart_eyes:
@thomas @Sridhar

Came here to publish what you’ve solved!
didn’t get a notification that you posted/updated this topic here :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you :hugs: @Sridhar

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