SOLVED: Dynamic Data - featured image size

Bricks Version: 1.4

When I use the dynamic data: {featured_image:small:link}
I get the full-size image instead of a small version. It doesn´t matter if I set it to small or medium. It´s always full-size.

I´m using it in woocommerce product category, so it would be great to get the smaller versions for better page speed :slight_smile:

Thank you

Your tag is wrong. You will enter the correct image size slug into the code. try like this way



replace YOURIMAGESIZESLUG with your registered image size slug.


I tried {featured_image:medium:link} but it is still full-size.
How to register custom sizes?

Looks like the medium size of your image is missing on your site. Download and regenerate the thumbnails with the force regenerate thumbnails plugin and test again.

I tested and it is working my end.


I think i found the problem.
It is implemented as scrset and firefox loads the highest quality image (in my case 1200x1800) when using a big viewport.

Is it the guy behind bricksultimate plugin? :heart_eyes:

Yes. I am the founder of it.

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Nice to see you here