SOLVED: Double font frontend

Bricks Version: 1.4 RC2
Browser: Edge
OS: WIN 10

Hi, am I wrong that the page loads me both types of fonts? both wof and wof2? thanks a lot


Hi Christofer,
Thanks for your report!

In your case, it looks like you are using/loading inline styles and external files at the same time. Are you using any kind of caching plugin?

If not: how and where did you include the fonts (google, bricks custom fonts, custom CSS) and which type of styles do you use (inline vs external)? Can you share a live link?

Best regards,

I also had this problem and that was because of preload font option. Some cache plugins have font preload option and when fonts urls are added to preload font section both woff and woff2 are served.


Hello timmse, link page: EDIT

I not use a cache plugin and i use a loading inline styles. Custom font uploaded with bricks custom fonts

I only preloaded the woff2 fonts and inserted in the head of the page. Surely this is the problem of why I load the woff2 together with the woff

thanks in advance

PS: Sorry, problem solved. The problem was that I was pre-loading the woffs and adding them to the woff2

we can close the post, Thanks for your patience