SOLVED: Custom taxonomy Archive page

I am using WP Recipe Maker plug-in for cooking recipes. This plug-in generates Custom Taxonomy from various purposes, eg. Cuisine, Ingredients, Keywords.
The Wordpress default “Category” is working correctly with my Bricks Archive template.

The all custom Taxonomy are recognised by Bricks when I am editing templates.

I realised that Archive pages for these custom taxonomy are not working correctly. The plug-in developer suggested to check to see the issue happens with a Wordpress default theme (Twenty-Twenty) and the issue does not happne with the theme.

It looks like something related to Archive.php in Brick but I do not to know how to overcome this issue.

Could someone please shed a light please?


Hi Shin,
puh… the plugin seems kinda weird :sweat_smile:

But here’s how I got it to work. Please enable the following settings:

Then I created an Archive Template (including Loop Posts " Recipes) with the following conditions:

Since I only have a test recipe it looks like this (Test Recipe is the recipe title):

Best regards,

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Hi @timmse,
Thank you for testing it out for me. I did furhter tweak based on your suggestion, it looks like ‘Recipe Existence’ needs to be set as ‘Public’ and set appropriate Archive Terms on a teamplate as you suggested.

This plug-in seems to be relatively popular between food recipe bloggers so I contacted the developer of the plug-in and he advised me that it does not has to be set as ‘Public’ to use the Custom taxonomy and it did work with other Theme even if the recipe existence is set as Private. So there must be some compatibility issue with Bricks.

But now it is working now so I am happy as I can move onto other stuff.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


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