SOLVED: Custom code in template are not curried over when I imported into a post

Hi everyone,
I created a template for post with CSS and JS. I wrote these in Custom code section under Setting > Page Settings > Custom Code.
The teamplate saves data together, however when I imported the template into a new post, all codes are gone… Am I doing somthing wrong?

Could please someone help me on this?

Hi Shin,
If you assign the template using conditions, you can use the custom code in the page settings.

If you insert the template manually, you are no longer in the template itself, but on a completely different page. In that case, I would simply add your custom code directly to your template with the code element - that way you always have it with you, no matter where you insert the template.

Best regards,

Thank you, timmse.
It is all working now :slight_smile: