SOLVED: Custom breakpoint with key "portrait" causing issues in the builder

My website isn’t adapting properly on different devices, failing to scale according to their screens. Furthermore, all the styling disappears after I save any changes made to the website.

Browser: Chrome 110
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Hi @felix_nolimit,

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, did you apply the appropriate styling for each breakpoint but it’s not taking effect? or are you looking for ways to do so? I highly suggest checking out this academy article: Responsive Editing – Bricks Academy.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have more details you could share :slight_smile:

Hi @felix_nolimit,

It’s still hard to tell what the issue could be from the screenshots, unfortunately.

Could you please share temporary admin access to with a link to this forum thread URL using the same email address you used to purchase Bricks? Please also include on which page or template the problem could be observed.

hello, i sent the email yesterday, please is there any update on this?

The challenge with my website is that the brick builder isn’t adopting styles properly. Despite adding CSS and even resorting to predefined values from Automatic CSS, the desired effects are not taking hold. Occasionally, when changes are applied, they vanish upon reloading the editor’s page, resulting in the disappearance of previously inputted CSS. I created classes for most sections, but the applied CSS continues to go missing intermittently. I’ve also attached a few images depicting the affected areas of the homepage. This issue extends beyond the homepage, affecting the about page, individual projects, and other sections.
For instance, in Screenshot 1,
The goal is to make both containers 100% width and slightly overlap, but the desktop view remains on mobile, resulting in a compressed appearance. A similar issue affects other parts of the website.

Hi @felix_nolimit,

Thank you for sharing access. You’re right, there’s something wrong going on. I tried setting a setting with a black background, then setting it to another color in the mobile breakpoint and it initially worked, but after refreshing the styling was wiped out in the builder (still visible in the frontend).

However, since there are multiple plugins activated, it’s hard to tell what could be causing this and I can’t fully debug it on a live website :slight_smile: Could you please either share a staging version’s credentials or try disabling all plugins and see if the issue persists?

Hello Charaf,

Thanks for your response. I will provide you with login details for the cloned version of the website to so that you can go ahead with your debugging.
Kind Regard

hello, i sent the email yesterday, please is there any update on this?

Hi @felix_nolimit,

Thanks a lot for sharing access to the staging site. I think I found the issue. Seems like naming a breakpoint “Portrait” is causing the bug. Somewhere in the code, the key “portrait” is messing things up. I have added this to our internal bugs tracker. Meanwhile, to solve the issues you’re facing, removing that particular breakpoint and giving it another name should solve the problem :white_check_mark:

Thanks so much, @charaf.

I would try to rename the breakpoints and observe what would happen next

I’m afraid just renaming the breakpoint wouldn’t work as the key would still be the same. You would have to first delete that breakpoint, and then create a new one. Also please make sure the name isn’t similar to a native breakpoint (e.g. mobile portrait, tablet portrait…etc) as there’s another recorded bug related to that :).

Ok I would do as you’ve said. @charaf

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Hi Felix,
We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.9.8, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Changelog: Bricks 1.9.8 Changelog – Bricks

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Best regards,