SOLVED: Convert page to template?

Is it somehow possible to convert a set of pages to templates for later use. I have created a bunch of wireframe pages for various sections/containers and would like to save these as a template set for use in coming projects.

I can save a single section/container as a template, but what about several sections/containers as one template?


just click on the little folder icon in the upper right of the builder and hit the „save as template“ icon.

He, funny thing Iv done that several times and all I got was a blank/white page with a line of text and a button across. But that was the preview :slight_smile: I thought it didnt work.

If I then choose to use the template it loads everything as it should…well it seems so anyways.

Thanks Timmse

You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked.

I am interested in finding wireframes for purchase :slight_smile: Any suggestions???

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@thomas I believe it’s time for an Bricks templates marketplace or a portal where users can submit their templates for free if they wish. Bricks comes with very few demoes. This looks feasible now since we can export templates with css classes as well.

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