SOLVED: Consider bumping SplideJS version (bug fixes and new options)

Would be great to have the latest Splide version natively in Bricks. Rather than having to include it manually, which could cause issues as we’d need to avoid two version of Splide on the same page.

Means we get all the small bug fixes that have been done since the version currently included in Bricks and a few new options (such as the ability to turn off pagination/arrows/swiping if there’s not enough slides - great for dynamic content in query loops, since Splide v4.1 )


Would be great to always have the latest version available

Please @thomas we need the last version for better features :confused:

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We’ll include the latest splideJS 4.1.4 & swiperJS 8.4.4 in 1.6 stable.


Hey David,
Bricks 1.6 (Beta 2) contains the updates.

You can download it manually in your account:

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