SOLVED: Code element inside query loop doesn't work in the frontend for logged in users who are not admins

I’ve got a little problem - code elements inside query loop run on the frontend only if the logged in user is an admin.
If the logged in user (it is a membership site) isn’t an admin nothing works - even if the code element just has a simple html element.
I checked with a backup - with bricks 1.9.4 and it is working perfectly.

Hi @chanart ,

I can’t replicate this issue locally.
Can you please email us some WordPress admin login details and the URL where this issue occurs?
And a link to this forum post.
Thank you so much.

I have the exact same issue. Renders nothing at all for my client, but as logged in admin I see the output rendered as it was before.

Seems to have crept in via either 1.9.6 or

Thanks, Chris

@chrisstaunton Thomas asked me to try to disable plugins, which I did, beside some essential ones. Nothing helped thus far to locate the issue.
I’m using sensei lms (which creates the cpt-lessons, that are called by the query loop) and I have paid membership pro that manages the memberships.
Any similarities?

No similarities in our set-up really. I’m using Metabox and pulling some CPT fields into a code block. I wonder if it’s related to the recent critical security patch.

Seems it is code inside query loop. Another user reported it here:

@thomas - seems to be the same issue - does anyone look into it?

This bug can be easily reproduced.


Thanks @Sridhar for confirming!

@chanart We just uploaded the fix to your site. Please let me know here if it’s working for you.

@Sridhar has already confirmed the fix :slight_smile:

We plan to release it later this week as a one-click update.

Anyone who needs it now, email us your admin login at, and we’ll upload it to your site and test it.

Just make sure to share the URL on which the issue occurs so we can confirm the fix ourselves, too.


@thomas , @Sridhar - working. Thank you very much! :smile: -)

I got this issue too but worse. Even when I log in as admin, the front end output has no code either. And the code is not in a query loop

It is also very weird. I have other sites with similar setup. Checked one of them that has code blocks in query loop. But it works fine. Not sure what makes the difference.

I just found there were still some hacked files in this website and deleted them. And then after reinstalled Bricks, it works fine. Not sure why but maybe the malware would damage Bricks files?

Hi Thomas

I also have the issue and need your fix.

But I replaced my code with the standard heading element until your fix is published officially.

I don’t have time to setup the user login for you this time.

Thanks and best regards


Any news when the update will come?


Seems to me that with the latest security update and the latest wpgridbuilder update all issues are solved.



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Hi guys,

We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.9.7(.1), now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Please take your time and read the changelog carefully as Bricks 1.9.7(.1) contains breaking changes that will make your Bricks website more secure.

Changelog: Bricks 1.9.7 Changelog – Bricks

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

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