SOLVED: Can't install Bricks child theme (WP 6.4.3)

When I try I get this message…Incompatible Archive. Iam using Local by Flywheel if that makes a difference

make a recording so mods can determine if this is a bug or not.

it seems like you are having a conflict but need more info for sure.

I have solved the issue now, but only by installing the unzipped theme directly into the WP content folder

probably your upload permissions weren’t setup properly on your server/hosting.

you might face other folder/file perms problem in the future keep a close eye on this issue.

Thanks. Should be simple on local. Not an issue I had before, and I had no problem installing the main bricks theme, just the child

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I have the same error but my installation was through my hosting but I was able to install the main theme with no errors

We zipped and re-uploaded So the download and upload to your WordPress 6.4.3 installation should be working now.

NOTE: Please make sure to download the child theme with a browser that doesn’t self-extract the ZIP file. So no Safari. Because if you ZIP it yourself on macOS and not through the terminal, then you’ll receive the “Incompatible Archive” error message that now shows in WordPress 6.4.3.

Looks like WP core will fix this issue in the next update (6.4.4):

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