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SOLVED : Can't change size of icons

I have created a container with 3 icons in it. When I want to change the width or height of any of them.
All I get is for the icons to move around, size is the same.
I have also tried creating one main container with containers inside. Still the same.

So my question is how to change size of icons?

Hi Dan,

try to change the font-size in the typography settings of the icon element. Changing the width and the height under layout will only change the size of the icon wrapper, not the icon itself.

Best regards,

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Ahh yes, I knew I had missed something. Thanks did the trick.

You‘re welcome :v:t2:
Sometimes alls those settings can be a bit overwhelming… :grinning:

Btw., I moved your post to the „how to“ category.

In this case I am converting and old site, well the first I ever did using Elementor to Bricksbuilder, so its kinda different:-)

And that´s a good thing :sweat_smile: :love_you_gesture:

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