SOLVED: Bricks Template Posts Visible to Google

Bricks Version: 1.6.2

Hey y’all!

It looks like Google Search console can see/index the bricks_template post type and it shouldn’t, as these are not posts that are going to be used for marketing purposes. The reason for that is that these templates are not accessible if a user is not logged in and doesn’t have permissions to view. These posts then show up in Google Search Console as issues to address. I’m not sure if this has an impact or not in search engine results.

Here’s a recent report from Google Search Console: Screenshot

My suggestion is to no-index these posts by default and/or completely hide them from view from spiders and bots. Maybe enable visibility via a filter if people really want it.


You can do it manually every template page, but yes, i think your problem is valid. It woud be make a better solution for it.

Hi Alex,
Thanks so much for your report!

I have to go a little further on this topic:

Without SEO Plugin
If you allow search engines to crawl your site (WP Settings » Reading » Search engine visibility) and your Bricks Templates are not set to public (Bricks » Settings » Templates), they won’t appear in the Sitemap XML generated by WordPress (

However, the template tags and template bundles do, which shouldn’t be the case (already added to the bug tracker).

If you set the templates to “public”, the sitemap includes the templates (because they are public), tags, and bundles.

Alternatively, you can set the robots tag for every single template, as already mentioned.

With SEO Plugin
Every SEO Plugin has settings on what to include/exclude in their sitemap and how to handle the different post types. You are currently using “The SEO framework”, so I’d recommend you exclude the templates from your sitemap and set the robots meta tag to noindex, nofollow.

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Super helpful, and thank you. And that makes sense. People might want to provide their templates publicly, and therefore they should be visible to search engines and such. I get it. If Templates are not set to be publicly visible, then search engines should def not pick up either the posts or their taxonomies.

Anyway, thank you. Bricks Builder is an insanely good product. Keep it up!

Hi guys,

We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.8 beta 2, now available as a manual download in your account. So if the templates are not set to public, there shouldn’t be any template, template tags and template bundle sitemaps anymore.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

As with any beta release, please do not use it on any production/live website. It is only meant for testing in a local/staging environment.