SOLVED: Bricks Posts Element (with Filter) - Display error with load more Interaction

I noticed a small bug with Bricks 1.9.4
I use the posts element with the integrated filter function for the categories
Below that I have a button with the interaction function "Load More (Query Loop)

Post Element

Screenshot 2023-12-17 115434

Now when I click on the load more button, the results are no longer displayed one below the other, but one above the other or the posts overlap, and no posts are displayed in the other category

Posts overlap after Load more

No Posts in Cat 2

Under 1.9.3 it still works for me. I also ran the problem on a new test installation with only Bricks 1.9.4 & WP 6.4.2 and the problem occurs there too, so I can rule out other plugins

Thanks so much for your report!

I reproduced the issue and added it to the bug tracker.

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unfortunately there was no fix in the update to 1.9.5.
Will there be a fix in the next version?


As soon as the fix is included, I will update this thread accordingly. The chances are not bad.

Hi guys,

We’ve fixed this issue since Bricks 1.9.6

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Missed out on this thread update.

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