SOLVED: Attempt to read property "term_id" on array

Warning: Attempt to read property “term_id” on array in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/bricks/includes/elements/wordpress.php on line 515

I’m not sure if this is a mistake, but it shouldn’t be like this. I created a taxonomy. Added it to the page. Played around. Then I deleted the taxonomy. Now I can’t go to the page :slight_smile:

Hey @clickfusion63,

thanks for your report.

This is your setup, right?

When you then delete the (in my case) Genres taxonomy you run into the issue, right? I was able to reproduce the issue and added it to our bug tracker.



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We’ve fixed this issue in Bricks 1.8 beta 3, now available as a manual download in your account.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

As with any beta release, please do not use it on any production/live website. It is only meant for testing in a local/staging environment.