SOLVED: 2 inner containers inside stretched root, overides content width in theme styles

Bricks Version: 1.3.1
Browser: Chrome 91
OS: Windowns
URL: Sent loom via & URL via PM

When I add a root container, set it to stretch, and align to centre, I add one inner container and it respects the content width set and is centered.

However, when I add another inner container (so I have 2 inner containers), it does not respect the content width set in theme styles and goes full width.

I Will send you a PM with Loom & URL.

Hello Michael,

This is not a bug.

If you want the inner containers to be contained (boxed) in the middle, you need to add another container to hold the two containers. So the most outer will be stretched, the child container will be centered (with content width), direction horizontal and the children of this will then be contained.

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Guys, put this in HUGE evidence if your aiming to catch early adopters…I’m trying to migrate from another builder and at the same time using containers instead section and columns, It’s a big change, more tutorials on Youtube channel that not only shows new features but explain how to realize pages using the new container element will be lovely appreciated!