Snowboarding blog

A far way from finished. But I love how easy it is to built dynamic and fast pages with Bricks.

I’ve built a snowboarding blog. Check it out on

I have used Bricks in conjuction with:

  • Metabox for CPT and Relationships
  • WP Gridbuilder for faceting of the brand pages and in the future the filtering of wintersport-areas
  • HappyFiles for ordering and generation of galleries in posts.
  • AutomaticCSS and Frames as framework
  • The SEO Framework

why you are here only to get link you should the people to solve their problems.its against community .

This is the showcase page, so I don’t see what is against the community. And I’m happy to share the way I have built certain things. It was late last night, so I will add the tech stack to the OP.

Nice work! I Like a lot the section with tabs that changes background image.
And also highlighting the section I am reading in the article. How did you do it?

I think I would remove the hover animation on home page on articles that moves the headline from left to right and CTA from right to left. For me personaly it looks a bit strange and from UX perspecitve, it’s more difficult to finish reading the headline if a person hovers over it. I would say very soft shadow, soft background change or just moving the CTA to right would do the job.