Small Hotel Website

Here a small italian B&B website made with bricks.

Have a nice day.


@draison The design is…Bellissimo! Well done, mate. Great use of whitespace, flows really nicely, and loves the booking header too!

Just some points from my SEO head, it perhaps could do with either a page for reviews from Trip Advisor or other review platforms or even just images saying rated 4.5 on x website, etc. on the home page to strengthen trust signals for customers to go ahead book straight away instead of them leaving the site to go and search for them.

And perhaps the room overview, instead of listing what amenities it has, set a scene for the visitors and at the same time use it to rank the pages on Google too.

Example: If you are searching for a ‘hotel in Pesaro’ that offers peace and tranquility, our small room is perfect for you and/or your partner to relax with our super soft bedding that will make you sleep soundly…bla bla. I hope you understand my meaning.

But really nice! Molto Bene mate!!

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Thank you for the useful review.

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@draison The design and especially the color palette are really excellent.

All the room images are also very good, but the shower image for “Camera Budget Piccola Vista Mare” could be better or removed.

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Thank you for your tips.

Mobile looks pretty good except for the section circled below

@Michael -Hi, newbie here…Could you please tell me how can you add reviews from Google or Trustpilot/ whatever on a page? Could this be done in Bricks only?

Hey @Guccifer

You could do it in bricks but it would take a lot of hassle as you would have to basically construct it yourself with ACF then CSS ratings and then structured data.

So personally I would you a plugin for this. I have personally used this free plugin and found it to do the job.

Reviews and Rating – Google My Business – WordPress plugin | :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Michael!
Also, do you know how to create a multistep functionality for a form in Bricks?

No worries at all.

Not possible with the current version of the form without JS. Personally, I always have a backup form to use for more complicated layouts.

I recommend piotnet forms. They have an LTD for about $80 so it’s perfect and it’s one of the lightest (least bloat) forms you can use. They have the multistep capability too.

I have also submitted a suggestion to the ideas board to add multistep capability, hopefully it will make it to the board to be voted on :slight_smile:

I just discovered the complete white font color of the drop down at the booking tool - except when hovered:
You can fix it with Custom CSS i.e.:
option { color: black; }

@ Sanificazione the video is cut off either by the info beneath the calendar or by the horizontal booking bar.

The title of the hero section at the start page is too narrow at i.e. 480 pixels width - you should always check the layout a few pixels above the breaking points because you normaly see only the layout below the breaking point in the editor.

I also re-created a hotel website in Bricks that was using a Themeforest theme and I am quite happy with how easy was to re-create in Bricks, it is almost 98% identical to the original.