Small Hotel Website

Here a small italian B&B website made with bricks.

Have a nice day.


@draison The design is…Bellissimo! Well done, mate. Great use of whitespace, flows really nicely, and loves the booking header too!

Just some points from my SEO head, it perhaps could do with either a page for reviews from Trip Advisor or other review platforms or even just images saying rated 4.5 on x website, etc. on the home page to strengthen trust signals for customers to go ahead book straight away instead of them leaving the site to go and search for them.

And perhaps the room overview, instead of listing what amenities it has, set a scene for the visitors and at the same time use it to rank the pages on Google too.

Example: If you are searching for a ‚Äėhotel in Pesaro‚Äô that offers peace and tranquility, our small room is perfect for you and/or your partner to relax with our super soft bedding that will make you sleep soundly‚Ķbla bla. I hope you understand my meaning.

But really nice! Molto Bene mate!!

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Thank you for the useful review.

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