Skeleton Loading (with Lazy Loading)

It would be great to have skeleton loading in place of elements that have lazy loading.

Thrive Themes have added this to their lazy loading features lately and it stops the UX from shifting (as it currently does with Bricks)

This would create a skeleton placeholder for images and videos.

Is it possible to do this via a JS script right now or does this need to be built into Bricks directly?

Thanks builders! :pray:

Hey @Deanphillips

If you mean whilst creating a site why not just simply turn it off in Bricks settings >performance (i think). Then you won’t face that issue. When you have done your build, then switch it back on. :+1:

Thanks for the reply @Michael! The issue it with the build itself.

If you scroll through any bricks site which has lazy loading on (which we do want to reduce page load times) there’s CLS happening.

For this to have less of an effect, skeleton loading (placeholder container blocks which have a fixed size) + lazy loading would be the best of both worlds.

We’d get faster page speeds and a better user experience in general (as content won’t be shifting on scroll)

Ah i got you @Deanphillips + thanks for the vid. To be fair Its one of the only things I am not a fan of in Bricks and that is the lazy loading. For live sites I always off-load this to Litespeed or Ewww depending on the build and best results. Maybe this is better off/more success as a feature improvement thread?