Single Blog post template "Post Content" control styles

Hi , I am going to create a Single blog post template and I am going to use “Post Content” control to shows my post content related to each item .

My issue is that this is not showing the content style that was done to blog posts before and only printing the simple text and images and not Gutenberg or Classic editor styles of the post content.

What should I do? Would you please help me to solve the issue .


Hi Ehsan,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out!

Which styles exactly are not rendered via the post content element?
I did a quick test - seems to be fine though?

Best regards,

Thanks for your kind reply , I attached 2 addresses : one is the current elementor version and the other one is the one I made with bricks , the bricks version does not show the embed Shortcode’s and also missing some styles .
Bricks version : How to Hang Pictures in a Cubicle? - Workspace Bliss

Also the other question is that how to show breadcrumb in bricks builder ?
appreciate your help.

Hi Ehsan,
Sorry for the late reply.

Both links are exactly the same, so I’m not able to see a difference :smiley:

Breadcrumbs are currently only supported for WooCommerce, but the idea is already on the idea board. However, as it has many votes, we’ll implement it in one of the following versions.