Simple Blog with Bricks

Just started use Bricks for my personal blog in end of 2021.
Really satisfy with the speed, and how fast and smooth in the builder mode.

Just wanna keep the blog simple, so not much fancy design.
Have not try the loop builder yet as the design / template was created before the feature launch.
Will definitely try it on my related post section.

Plugin used:
Fluent Form (Used to it and prepare for much more form in future. Will check on Bricks form in future)
Highlighting Code Block

Running on Open Litespeed Server.

Suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome.


It’s simple & clean. Nice layout.

I wonder what do you use to display those php and CSS coding?
Was that from Gutenberg or you created the post in Bricks Builder?

It’s the Highlighting Code Block plugin.

The articles written in Gutenberg.


@itchycode Thank you for sharing this! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jenn,

Thanks for sharing! I like it as well :slight_smile:
The Bricks tips & tricks like this one are super helpful, thanks for that!

Best regards,

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Hi @itchycode
Can you tell me how to create that bottom fixed mobile navigation?

Hi, I just create a footer template.
Add a container to set layout style position as Fixed, Bottom 0 with higher z-index. Width 100%.
Then add your elements to this container.

You could inspect the css through dev tools too.

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