Sidebar Doesn't seem to accept shortcodes widget

I’ve tried multiple times to add an ACF shortcode into the shortcode widget (default WordPress widget) and I can’t get anything to show up. However, if I use the default WordPress sidebar, the ACF shortcode works fine.

Since Bricks doesn’t give any widgets to work with in the Bricks sidebar area, it seems that Bricks should try to play nicely with what WordPress provides. Bricks doesn’t allow dynamic content in the sidebar, so there is no way to provide dynamic data unless I use the default WordPress sidebar. And I can’t fully manage the default WordPress sidebar in Bricksbuilder. It is a real pain.

Anybody have any luck creating a dynamic sidebar with custom fields?

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Hmmm, in my testcase the ACF Shortcode works fine when placed directly in Gutenberg, the bricks shortcode element, the wordpress sidebar within a shortcode widget and it shows also in the bricks sidebar element (which basically only renders the wordpress sidebar) - at least if it’s a simple text based value (see Screenshot, it’s a simple acf textfield with “Hi! I am an ACF text field” as content).

As far as i understand: if you want to use the wordpress widgets within a sidebar, use the bricks sidebar element to display the sidebar. That’s it. The only thing that the sidebar element does is rendering the wordpress sidebar (nevertheless which widgets are in there i guess).

If you don’t want to use any of the wordpress widgets, you can simply add a container in your templates, pages or wherever you want and fill it with bricks elements (even the dynamic ones or the shortcode element with an acf shortcode related to a specific post or page id) and call it a sidebar. If you still want to use at least one “widget”, insert the sidebar element on top or below the other elements.

You’re absolutely able to use dynamic fields inside a sidebar or everywhere else on a page, post or template with one precondition: the custom field is assigned (and not empty) to the post or page you’re looking at. You cannot access a field called let’s say “user_address” from a post with id “123” on another page yet (this should definitely be a feature request), because you cannot attach the post id to the dynamic field.

Last but not least there is one last option: the code element, where working with custom fields is limitless. But using the code element means: (almost) no styling via the builder and a lot of custom css additionally.

What do you mean with “dynamic sidebar”? What’s in there, where does the data comes from and where will it be shown?