Show Us Your Bricks Site!

Share your Bricks-built site with our community, ask for feedback, and help inspire others on what’s possible with Bricks.

How To Share Your Site

At the very least we need a link to your live site (staging is okay, but please update this URL once your site went live).

A full-page screenshot attached to your post is also very much welcome, to capture your site design permanently, in case the URL is no longer available or has been moved to another address.

Maybe you can also share some useful information about your development & design workflow, best practices. But also the difficulties and limitations you encountered with Bricks. This will be super useful for our team to further improve Bricks according to your feedback.

Your willingness to share your site-building experience will also add a lot of value for other users who are just getting started on their Bricks journey.

This is one of the best ways for the team behind Bricks, and the community of users to learn how others are pushing the web forward with Bricks :slight_smile:

If you are taking the time to share and talk about your Bricks site-building experience, we love you :kissing_heart: