Shift select multiple elements in the builder/ structure panel

Request is title, would be amazing to be able to select multiple items at once to move around or nest in the structure panel specifically. :smiley:


It would be a great feature!

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Add it to the ideas list if you want people to vote on it for inclusion.

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Submitted, hopefully they will accept it

Right!! It would be a game changer for sure. No other builder does this AFAIK

yeah that will be a great feature! nice idea

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This would be really really welcome indeed!

Would be great to have it build-in. For now only Swiss Knife Bricks offers multi-select

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In Gutenberg this is possible. It would be nice to see this functionality be available in Bricks. Check it out here: Introducing WordPress 6.0 - YouTube

Also following this example from Wordpress 6.0: it would be good UX to be able to drag an element in Bricks structure panel not only by clicking its left icon but any part of it instead.

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Anything happening with this?
Would be a great benefit…NOW!

A perfect case scenario…
my client just switched gears on a logo carousel. They no longer want it in a carousel…they want them floating on the page. Only 30+ logos to move! (yeah, i know…a bit overkill)
I can drag each slide block out of its ‘nestable-slider’ container 1 by 1 (Fortunately…thought i was going to have to rebuild from scratch!).
But would be great to grab all the blocks at once.
In case nobodies said it in a while, Thanks for all you do Bricks Gods!

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