Sharing Our Template Site

I wanted to share a site where we’re collecting our templates. Since I started using Bricks Builder, I have been super impressed with it. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly good. It’s thoughtful and flexible, and it’s all in the details and the devs have an eye for them!

That’s the site where we’ve built out some templates for reuse on projects. We’ve used these on a couple of projects.

Bricks Extras is also in use here. Great plugin/add-on for Bricks.

I shamelessly copied Webflow’s Relume library as I felt it was mostly complete regarding templates, layouts, and components. We’ve created roughly less than a third of them now. Probably won’t do anymore.

The template page and filtering itself is super crude and not responsive. I’m not looking for feedback on these templates; I know these aren’t perfect, and that’s okay. I started on these templates by copying Webflow sites and Relume templates to learn Bricks better, and that was super helpful for my team and me.

I’m keeping these up for now. I’m curious about what others are doing for their template/pattern libraries in Bricks.

We’re not going to be selling these or anything. Maybe we make them available for download. Not sure yet. For now, this is here to share.

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Nice work! I think this is a great use of Bricks. Can you gauge how much it speeds up workflow? Do you find yourself still wireframing in another app? I’d guess people be down to use/pay for these, myself included. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks! We’ve only used it on a pair of projects thus far. I think the one thing that works well for Webflow users is that they can import the Figma file into Webflow, which is a huge time saver. I wish we had that with Figma and Bricks. One can dream.

Anyway, I think it’s saved maybe 3 or 4 hours but doesn’t necessarily take us into designing just in the browser. We still take designs built elsewhere and build them in Bricks. Having basic structures pre-built is a decent time saver at least.