Set Popup Controls into flat ones

Hey guys,

Controls like “_typography” or “_background” have a popup option in the object that can be set to true or false. Some other popup controls don’t seem to have such options - like “_border”, “_boxShadow”, “_cssFilters”, etc… So, unless I’m missing something, there is no way to “flat” these controls inside the accordion tab, but we are forced to use the popup, which is an extra step to see the inner control values.

Could we implement a non-popup version for all the popup-dependent controls?



Hi @timmse I think this feature is really worth the attention. :slight_smile:

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It’s how much the requester can mobilize other users to vote. Kevin promotes his requests on all his channels and bricks channel, so he is always going to get voted up.

What some folks do is also to tap him as proxy to request some of the things we want to see in Bricks core. I for example asked him on his YT channel about adding variable tokens for breakpoints in bricks and he seem to agree with the idea and he submitted a request for it. That would likely get more upvoted than if I had requested directly on my own.

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