Separate stylesheet loaded for every template used on a post/page


I couldn’t see any other threads relating to this, but I’ve noticed that when you use the ‘Template’ element on a page, it loads that templates stylesheet separately.

If a post/page has just one template in it, this isn’t that big a deal. But if I’m setting up complex posts/pages which consist of many other smaller section templates, this ends up being multiple server requests loading different stylesheets.

(As an example, say I build up my service page with some new custom section unique to that service, but then I also include some templated sections, such as a Hero, Why work with us, Reviews, and FAQs. Each one of these sections is loading a separate stylesheet, so when the service page is loaded, there is the main stylesheet for that page, and then 4 more stylesheets for each of the templates.)

Is there no way that Bricks could instead compile the CSS from those templates into that Post/Page’s stylesheet automatically and reduce server requests?

… or is this something the upcoming ‘Components’ feature will solve?