+ Bricks Builder Integration

Hello, Bricks Commmunity!

Me and my colleague at are not developers, nor do we profit anything from sharing this, but we run a web development agency and we wanted to integrate the self-hosted mailing list software with some client websites we are currently building on Bricks.

The first thing we tried was integrating Sendy with the default Bricks form, since we enjoy working with as many vanilla elements as possible before looking at third parties, but we quickly realised that Sendy requires form fields to have a specific id in order to retrieve information from them and since changing a from field’s id is impossible in Bricks, that was not an option.

Then we decided to try and write a custom Bricks element for Sendy forms (again, with no dev experience whatsoever) and since I am quite proficient in CSS and my friend dabbles in PHP we managed to create a very basic element, that has a field for your Sendy install link, and one for your subscriber list unique code. Its current limitations are:

  1. The form can only be styled by the default locally scoped variables in the default CSS of the element.
  2. We are limited to a predetermined number of fields: An email address fields, a name field, a phone number field, and a GDPR/Privacy Policy field, since we couldn’t figure out how to replicate a fully-featured form creator with custom fields from the default Bricks elements.
  3. The fields you decide to use have to be previously created and mapped inside of the Sendy list you are trying to link to the form, since we don’t think there is a way to use their API to create fields inside of a list. Even if there were a way, we couldn’t figure their API out either (remember, none of us are programmers).

Even though the solution is amateurish, we are definitely open to any improvements (although you would have to patiently explain to us how we would do that) and we are definitely eager to see a similar integration implemented in vanilla Bricks one day, hopefully more professionally, and hopefully with the powers of the default Bricks form.

Hope this helps some people out. Let us know if we could someday expect a Bricks + Sendy integration since it is definitely one of the most powerful mailing list management softwares out there.